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Local businesses/employers have offered the following Work Experience/Work Placement opportunities for students at our school. Please see me if you are interested in any of these:

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Industry: Automotive
Type of Opportunity: Work Experience
Start Date of Opportunity:
Duration of Opportunity: 1 week
No. of Days per Week: 5
Description of Opportunity:

Work Experience at VicRoads
**Applications close Sunday 19 Feb 2017

VicRoads Work Experience Program gives secondary students the opportunity to experience the relationship between school studies and the world of work, helping them make appropriate career choices.
Each year VicRoads offers placements for approved secondary school work experience.

We offer work experience in areas such as:
•Finance / Accounting
•Human Resources
•Media / Communications
•Information Technology

Applications for 2017 Work Experience Program are now open and will close on Sunday 19 February 2017.

For more information and to apply online, go to

To discuss the program in more detail, please contact Emmanuel Yovannidis, Senior Workforce Planning Consultant, VicRoads on 9854 2214.


Student Requirements:
How to Apply: